Arriving Rosenthaler Platz with the U-Bahn, finding Weinbergsweg 25 with a large GORKI sign, camouflaged between two restaurants. We ring the bell and learn that our apartment is ready, although it’s earlier than the check in time.

Our apartment “Herr Guenther” is waiting for us. Based on the photographs on the website I couldn’t expect to love this room so much. The apartments at Gorki really make you feel at home. You even have a postbox by the entrance named for Herr Guenther. It all makes you feel like leaving your identity outside and stepping in a new life. Each room in Gorki is designed differently. Although I asked for permission by mail to visit other rooms to take pictures, all the rooms were full on May 3rd.

The room really has everything you could need during your stay. A bathtub with lots of beautiful smelling soaps and creams to a fully equipped kitchen, you could even have guests in your apartment.

Gorki Apartments is a beautiful hotel to step out of your shoes and become Herr Guenther or Fräulein Ilse for a day.Gorki_Raumskizze_Kat3c-300x240