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Lots of Blogs constantly post about “how to travel around Europe for 5 Euros per day” and other unrealistic tips. We are not trying to create such an impression. Of course there is a certain budget for every trip, but there are actually ways to keep it minimal, by choosing the right means of travel. We wanted to mention some of the thing we do to reduce our travel costs.

Transport Tips

We are often questioned about transportation. Did we travel by train? Did we find a cheap flight? Or a bus?

There are a few essential websites that we check prior to every travel plan. Car sharing or the so called “covoiturage” is a concept very common in Europe. Drivers can compensate oil costs and people can travel affordably. This is especially common among people plying long distances between work and home. The most popular car sharing site in Germany is Mitfahrgelegenheit, which you can also use for destinations outside Germany. We went to Berlin among other cities in Germany with car sharing. The prices depend on the mileage, but usually stay between a 15-30 Euro interval. (Unless you are looking for a drive from Munich to Sicily) The drivers can be voted reviewed by guests and this gives you the opportunity to choose the best ride.

Another car sharing website is Bla Bla Car. It’s an England based company similar to Mitfahrgelegenheit.

Bus is usually the next option, like our last minute trip to Prague. The company Eurolines travels to a decent number of destinations in Europe and very cheap tickets can be found. Our trip to Prague and back cost only 50 Euros. 18 Euro tickets are also available if you purchase early. You can also catch discounts if you’re under 26. There is wifi in the bus as well, but it comes and goes. A second bus option is Meinfernbus. We took one their busses on a night ride, and although it was a two storey bus, it was too full to be comfortable. For us it’s one grade lower than Eurolines in terms of organization.

We always use the Bayern ticket for travelling within Bavaria. Bayern ticket is a group ticket for up to five people and lets you use any kind of transportation for one day. That’s actually the best tip for Germany. It includes public transportation too. Salzburg is an exception and it is also accessible with a Bayern ticket, although it’s in Austria. Bavaria is very large and offers many sightseeing opportunities and this ticket comes in handy. Similar day tickets can be found in every state of Germany.

If we struggle finding the best way to travel to somewhere, we check Rome 2 Rio. It’s a totally incredible website! It gives you all kinds of transportation possibilities between any given destination and departure point. You can easily find out which bus or train companies are the cheapest for your desired route.

When planning to travel further away, checking Ryan Air is a must. If you are lucky you can find ridiculously cheap flights in Europe but sadly they are not flying to Turkey. I was able to fly to Sicily for 35 Euros few years ago. They are flying to 7-8 different cities from Munich. Skyscanner is great for searching other flight options. Some low cost airlines are Germanwings (Germany), Aer Lingus (Ireland), TUI (Germany), Vueling (Spain), Air Dolomiti (Italy) and Easyjet (entire Europe). One last important point is traveling with light backpacks. This alone gives many more travelling options, because you don’t have to worry about walking with luggage or space for your suitcase. Also some airlines such as Ryan Air charge extra for luggage.

Accommodation Tips

Our first choice for accommodation is always hostels. It’s been a long time since we stayed in a hotel apart from vacations with family. (And the hotel in Washington) Naturally the first place to search hostels is Hostelworld. We prefer rooms for two people only to be able to leave some of our stuff in the room during the day, a kind of luxury in a hostel. Naturally if you stay in a room for more people, you can find accommodation from 9-10 Euros only. Rooms for two people are usually around 20-25 Euros.

Couchsurfing is always an interesting option. Göksu had a few couchsurfers in her home before (one American and one Japanese), but we never stayed at other people’s homes, so we cannot really tell how well it works out. Considering it will cost you literally nothing, it’s probably worth a try.

Airbnb is basically the paid version of Couchsurfing. People open their homes for guests and put their ads online. If you’re lucky, you meet a friendly host. is the classic. You can find very cheap accommodation and the hotel reviews are very reliable due to the amount of users. If you have an account you can get notified about the “smart deals”. It’s also a good idea to check Tripadvisor for B&Bs and budget hotels, because some hotels don’t advertise on or other similar sites.

Food Tips

Food is what we spend most money on. Of course not because we eat in classy hotel restaurants, but because we try to make the best out of the local food. Supermarkets can always be a great solution. Smoked salmon with bread for dinner is one of Göksu’s childhood travel memories. Restaurants trying to sell their “traditional” food to tourists in the city center are the first thing to avoid.

If you want to have a quality meal like the locals of the city, Spotted by locals is a good source. It’s a website where loccal authors share their favorite places in the city. I might sound funny but Hipster Guides of a city can be very helpful and they are among Göksu’s favorites. Especially the website Free Williamsburg helped us a lot in Brooklyn. We are slowly abandoning the top five restaurants on Tripadvisor. It’s usually hard to find a place and they are full of tourists. Smaller cafes are our greatest passion. Our latest challenge is finding the best coffee in Europe. One choice is eating street food. The New York bagel or the German sausage are famous examples. They can give you a glimpse of local testes.

Best tip: Naturally the 1 Euro cheeseburger at McDonald’s is always a life saver.

Sightseeing Tips

Every city has its London Eye or Eiffel Tower. They must be the last activities on the to-do-list.

Exploring a city is always much more exciting than staying in the tourist friendly zone. The first thing we do is to open the city map and understand its structure: where is the center, is it possible to walk everywhere, what is the best transport option… Then we mark the cafes that we looked up before, and art galleries or street art spots. We try to walk as much as possible to see as much of the city as we can. The map we prepared for New York is here. We don’t go to every single spot but when we realize we are close to somewhere we marked, we go there. Spotted By Locals is once a again a very handy tool.

Burada bir cok blogda oldugu gibi gunde nasil 5 Euro’ya Avrupa’da gezersiniz gibi bir algi yaratmak istemiyoruz cunku bizce bunlar yalan. Her gezi icin belirli bir butce gerekse de bunu en aza cekmek kullandiginiz ulasim aracindan yediginiz yere kadar insanin elinde olan bir sey. Biz gezi ayarlarken hangi adimlari izliyoruz onu yazmak istedik.


Gelen sorularin cogu ulasim hakkinda oluyor. Tren bileti mi aldik? yoksa ucak biletimi satin aldik?

Genellikle bir gezi ayarliyorsak ilk basta baktigimiz siteler var. “Covoiturage” denen ayni yere giden insanlarin paylastigi araba kavrami Avrupa’da cok yuksek. Hem surucu benzin parasi giderlerini cikarirken hem de insanlar ucuza seyahat etme imkani buluyor. Almanya icin (Almanya’dan baska ulkelere giden insanlar da oluyor) Mitfahrgelegenheit. Daha once Berlin de dahil bir kac yere bu sekilde gitme imkanimiz oldu. Fiyati genelde kat ettiginiz kilometreye gore 15-30 Euro arasinda degisiyor. Ucak ve tren ile kiyaslayinca cok daha ucuza geliyor. Suruculerin daha onceden insanlardan yorum alip almadigini kontrol edip seciyoruz. Bir kisi bir suru kisiden kotu yorum almissa tabiki tercih etmiyoruz.

Ikinci site ise Bla Bla Car. Ingiltere bazli bu site de yine Mitfahrgelegenheit mantiginda. Yine Almanya ici paylasimlar da bulunmakta.

Eger butun bunlarda bulamiyorsak otobus tercih ediyoruz.Son gezimiz olan Prag’da yaptigimiz gibi. Eurolines Avrupa’da neredeyse her yere gidiyor ve gercekten cok ucuz. Biz Prag’a yaklasik 50 Euro’ya gidip geldik. Eger erken alinirsa Munih-Prag arasi 18 Euro’ya gidip gelmek de mumkun. Cogunlukla 26 yas alti indirimler de oluyor.  Otobuste her ne kadar muhtesem calismasa da wifi oldugunu belirtmek istiyorum.

Ikinci bir tercih ise Meinfernbus oluyor. Meinfernbus’u bir gece yolculugu icin secmistik ve inanilmaz kalabalikti otobus iki katli olmasina ragmen. Organizasyon olarak Eurolines’a gore bir kademe asagi da ama yine de fiyatlari cok cok uygun.

Bavyera’da gezecek isek ya da Salzburg’a gideceksek kesinlikle ama kesinlikle normal bilet degil Bayern Ticket aliyoruz.Cunku iki kisi gidis donus 25 euroya her yere gitme imkani sunuyor. Bavyera buyuk ve guzel bir eyalet oldugundan bu konuda sansliyiz cunku butun gollere ya da daglara bu sekilde gittik. Bu bilet tabiki sadece Bavyera’da yok Almanya’nin her eyaletinde var ve hepsi de uygun fiyatli.

Bazen ise bir yere tam nasil gidebilecegimizi bilmedigimizde ise Rome 2 Rio‘ya bakiyoruz. Bu site muhtesem ! Baslangic ve varis noktalarini yazdiginizda size ne kadara nereye nasil gidersiniz hangi olanaklar var hepsini gosteriyor.

Uzak yerlere gidecegimiz zaman ise ilk baktigimiz yer Ryan Air oluyor tabiki. Her ne kadar Turkiye’ye senelerdir gelememis olsalar da Avrupa’nin geri kalaninda muhtesem fiyatlara yolculuk etmek mumkun. Sicilya’ya 35 Euro’ya gidip geldigimi soylemeden edemeyecegim. Taksi parasi gibi bir fiyat. Her sehirden farkli yerlere ucus noktalari var Munih’ten yaklasik 7-8 ulkeye ucma imkani oluyor. Onun disinda ucus arama makinesi olarak Skyscanner kullaniyoruz. Baska ucuz havayolu olarak Germanwings (Almanya), Aer Lingus (Irlanda), TUI(Almanya), Vueling (Ispanya), Air Dolomiti (Italya) ve tabiki Easyjet (butun Avrupa)var. Son ama onemli olarak da kocaman valiz degil iki uc gunluk gezilerde cantaya sigarak gezmek en guzeli ve ucuzu oluyor cunku Ryanair gibi lowcost firmalar valiz ucreti aliyorlar.


New York gezisi dahil ilk tercihimiz her zaman hostel oluyor. Ailemizle gezdiklerimiz ve Washington haric otelde kalmayali baya uzun zaman oldu. Tabi ki ilk baktigimiz yer Hostelworld. Biz hic bir zaman iki kisinin kalacagindan fazla yataga sahip olan odalarda kalmiyoruz. Bu da bir sekil hostel luksu. Cunku obur turlu butun esyalari birakip rahatca gezmek pek mumkun olmuyor. Eger ortak odada kalirsaniz tabiki geceligi 9-10 Euro gibi inanilmaz fiyatlara kalabilirsiniz. Iki kisilik odalar ise kisi basi 20-25 Euro arasinda degisiyor.

Goksu daha once Couchsurfing’den insanlari evinde konuk etti (Amerika’dan ve Japonya’dan insanlari) ama hic baska bir ulkede Couchsurfing yaparak kalmadik o yuzden tam olarak bir geri bildirim veremesek de denenmesi zevkli olabilecek ve size sifir maliyete gelebilecek bir cozum. Airbnb ise Couchsurfing’in parali versiyonu diyebilirz. Onceden gitmek istediginiz evi ve yerini secip odemesini yapip bir evde konaklamak mumkun. tabiki en cok baktigimiz ikinci yer. Burada inanilmaz ucuz otel onerileri oluyor ve otel ratinglerine cok guvendigimiz bir site bu. O kadar cok insan oy veriyor ki gercekten bir otelin nesi iyi nesi kotu anlamak mumkun oluyor. Email uyeligi alip “Smart Deal”lari beklemek cok iyi bir fikir. Bir de

Tripadvisor‘daki bir sehirde otel aradiginizda cikan B&B ve Budget otel onerilerine her zaman bakiyoruz cunku cok nadir de olsa da siralanmamis oluyorlar.


Bu bizim bir gezide en cok para harcadigimiz kisim. Yanlis anlasilmasin 5 yildizli otel restoranlarinda yemek yedigimiz icin degil lokal tadina bakilmasi gerekiyorsa bakmak istedigimizden ya da buranin mi kahvesi en iyi oranin mi diye deneme yapmalarimizdan. Market her zaman en ucuz en iyi cozum ! Ekmek arasi somon fume hatta Goksu’nun cocukluk anilarindan. Turistlerin sehirin meydaninda “traditional preparataion” konsepti adi altinda yedikleri yemek ilk uzak durdugumuz sey.

Spotted by locals, orada yasayan insanlarin nelerden hoslandigina dair cok guzel bir kaynak. Cok komik gelse de sehirlerin Hipster Guide’larina bakmadan gecemiyor Goksu. Ozellikle Brooklyn’de Free Williamsburg sitesinin bize cok yardimi olmustu. Yavas yavas Tripadvisor top 5 restorandan uzaklasmaya basladigimizi da soyleyebilirim. Ya yer olmuyor ya da iceride sadece turist. Degisik cafeler en buyuk hobi denebilir. Yeni tutkumuz en iyi kahveyi bulmak.

Baska bir secenek ise sokakta satilan seylerden almak. New York Bagel mesela bunun en buyuk ornegi. Almanya’da ise sosis. Eger hic bir sey bulunamadiysa McDonalds 1 Euroluk Cheeseburger’i hayat kurtarici.

Gorulecek Yerler

Eger sehirde London Eye, Eiffel ya da Brandenburger Tor var ise oralar iste en son gidilecek yerler.

Ilk yaptigimiz sey sehrin haritasini acip sehrin yapilasmasina bakmak. Merkez neresi, metro ne kadar yaygin. Sonra kendimize mola duraklari icin en guzel cafeleri seciyoruz. Ardindan en guzel modern sanat galerilerine ya da street art haritalarina. Butun bu yerleri Google Maps’de acip isaretliyoruz ve bu noktalara ulasirken hep yuruyoruz bu sekilde butun sehri arsinlamak mumkun oluyor. Burada meslea bizim New York icin israretledigimiz yerler mevcut. Tabiki hepsine gitmiyoruz ama en azindan oradan gecerken denk gelirsek ugruyoruz. Yine bu noktada Spotted By Locals’i kesinlikle oneriyoruz.

Cogu muzeye haftaici gitmenin cok daha iyi oldugunu soylemeye pek de gerek yok cunku gercekten cumartesi gunleri inanilmaz bir sira oluyor. Ogrenci karti ile bir suru yerde indirim almak da mumkun.