12 Tips To Keep Yourself Safe When Traveling Abroad

12 Tips To Keep Yourself Safe When Traveling Abroad

There are few things as exciting as traveling abroad. The chance to meet new people, experience their culture and see brand new sights and sounds can be an awesome experience. Many are wary of international travel, however, because they believe it is dangerous. Now, for the most part, international travel these days has become safe. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take some necessary precautions, however. Here are a few tips to make your trek overseas a safer experience.


  • Get yourself a checkup and make sure you receive the appropriate vaccines before your trip


Always get a physical done before you go overseas and ensure you are in top shape before you leave. Always check and understand the health concerns of the country you’re traveling to. Worldwide travel destinations mandate vaccinations before your arrival, so make sure you have the necessary immunization done before the trip.

  • Make electronic copies of your travel documents


You will often be carrying documentation with you during your trip overseas. It’s always a good idea to have backup copies of your important travel documents such as your plane tickets, itinerary, immunization records, visas, passport, and travel insurance. Keep an electronic copy on your smartphone or mobile device so you can access these when needed.


  • Don’t carry all your stuff together


Look, while you might think it’s convenient to have your credit cards, cash, traveler’s checks and identification cards in your wallet, don’t do it. Keep them safe at your hotel safe, separate your cash and other monetary items and carry them in different spots. This goes for your ID as well. In fact, this leads into my next tip:


  • Keep important things out of your back pockets


Pickpocketing is common in some parts of the world, so don’t keep anything in your back pockets that would make you an attractive target for pickpockets. Make sure that you


  • Keep your things up front where you can see them


Always keep your things, such as bags and purses where you can see them. We don’t want somebody grabbing them and making off with them, after all.


  • Look back before you leave


And make sure you aren’t leaving anything behind.


  • Leave valuables at home


It may be tempting to show off your jewelry or your expensive new camera, but trust me: don’t. Traveling with expensive jewelry or gadgets just makes you a potential target for thieves.


  • Choose who you talk to


Try to make sure you only talk to trustworthy people on your travels and don’t just give out details of your trip to anyone. Don’t accept food or drink from just anyone, and don’t go off with just any stranger.


  • Don’t solicit panhandlers


Many nations also experience poverty, but it’s important to not give beggars cash or any valuables. Yes, we understand you want to help, but help is better coursed through charitable organizations.


  • Don’t try to be a hero


If you get mugged, don’t fight back. It isn’t worth losing your life over. Give up the cash or valuables, and once you are certain you are out of danger, report the incident immediately to the nearest consulate and police authorities.


  • Avoid using your credit card at internet cafes


Keep yourself safe and avoid using credit cards, or accessing private information at internet cafes. With criminals getting tech-savvy, the possibility of a keylogger being installed on that café’s computers is just too high. Pay for transactions in cash.


  • Keep yourself properly insured


Some people think you don’t need travel insurance. Well, they’re wrong. Your health insurance may provide some international coverage, but it’s a safe bet it doesn’t cover potential illness, injury, or death while overseas. Make sure you and your belongings are insured before you leave for your trip.


And there you have it, a few tips on how to keep yourself safe during your travels abroad. Also, make sure you keep abreast of the world news while traveling by logging on to CNN.com. Happy trails!