How To Pack A Makeup Travel Case

How To Pack A Makeup Travel Case

For anyone that travels, it is essential to have with you a case with all the necessary makeup pieces to throw together any type of look. Though it is highly impractical to bring all your makeup with you each time you step out, there are ways to pack a great travel case with relative ease. Here are a few different pieces that are essential when traveling.


Key Items to bring:

First and foremost you should always pack something for the skin. Sunscreen, fake tan, bronzer, highlighter, and a great foundation or bb cream are essential. If your skin is great, a not so fantastic eye look can be forgiven. Also, with great skin, it takes far less to make the rest of your face look great. Your base is your canvas and having glowing summer skin all year round is the best way to stay looking great. You should also carry something to give your skin a bit of color and to highlight the face. Else you will look horrendous like the monsters in Clash Royale! A great blush or cheek stain is essential as well as a highlighter to keep your face looking great.


Second, you need to carry something for your lips. Though carrying ten different lipsticks to fit every mood you may find yourself it seems like a great idea, it is impractical. Carry one lipstick instead and a couple of different color glosses as well as a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips. You should avoid bringing ten lipsticks and instead opt for one or two statement shades that are sure to get you the attention you deserve each and every time.


Lastly, you need to choose an eyeshadow palette that is natural and that goes well with any color or outfit. It is best to get a versatile palette as this will minimize the number of products you need to bring with you. A great palette that allows you to make a natural look quickly and easily is key as well as a great mascara. You should avoid things like loose pigments, and loose powders as they are easy to spill and can end up ruining your suitcase. You should try to bring things that are in a compact for as these will travel better and are far less likely to break and become damaged.


The essential travel looks it a warm, glowy, natural look that is fit for summer all summer long. Though it may be difficult to break yourself of the habit of full-face glamour makeup every time you get done up, natural is really the way to go as it is fast, works well with any outfit, and it requires far fewer products making for a much lighter travel bag.


Being able to pack a great travel bag for your makeup can help reduce stress, help reduce hassle, and can help you be sure you have the right products each and every time no matter what. A great travel bag is just a few simple products away, you just have to know what to pack.