Plan Your Trip To Singapore

Plan Your Trip To Singapore

Once dubbed “The melting pot of Asia,” the island city-state of Singapore is one of the most prosperous cities in the world. Mixing western sensibilities with vibrant Asian influences gives Singapore a unique feel. Amidst the modern-day features one would expect such as an impressive skyline, contemporary architecture, high-end shopping malls, and an efficient subway transportation system, Singapore still echoes with rich cultural diversity that flavors its streets.


When Should You Go?


Singapore is hot and humid, so choose your dates of visit carefully. Visiting in November up until January means contending with rain, as this is the monsoon season, although these are the coolest months, temperature-wise.

Visiting from February until October would be better, with the months of June until August being the driest, with humidity generally lower. It is still very sunny and warm, so plan accordingly.


Transportation In Singapore


Most visitors fly into Singapore and land at Changi Airport, from there, you can get to the city in several different ways:

By Subway

The cheapest way to get into the city, it is also by far the fastest.

By Public Bus

Another cheaper alternative, the public buses can get you to the city from the airport in an hour.

By Airport Shuttle

If you are arriving at an odd hour, then the airport shuttle would serve you best. These shuttles run 24 hours a day and will take you straight to your airport.

By Taxi

The easiest yet most expensive option, taxis are also available at Changi Airport.


Accommodations in Singapore


With such a diverse city, one has the pick of many interesting neighborhoods to stay at. Let’s look at some popular places for accommodations.


Little India


Home to Singapore’s Indian community, Little India offers budget and mid-range hotels as well as colorful eating places that offer Indian fare. The Tekka Centre Food Court also offers inexpensive food options for travelers on a budget.




Singapore’s Chinatown is an excellent place to stay for a foodie, with great places to eat at, from local hawker stalls to trendy bars and restaurants. Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice Noodle, Singapore’s Michelin-starred hawker stall, operates here, and a visit to the restaurant should be considered a must.


Marina Bay


The iconic Marina Bay Sands is here, as well as a host of other hotels for luxury travelers, so if you have the cash to splurge, a stay here should be considered. Marina Bay also has many upscale -establishments to eat and shop at.




The city’s premier shopping district, if you’re looking to spend some cash shopping, then this is the place to be. With many shopping malls lining the streets. If you need a break from all that shopping, then a visit to the Singapore Botanical Gardens is just the ticket.




Singapore’s premier island resort, Sentosa is packed with attractions such as Universal Studios and Resorts World Sentosa. While farther from central Singapore and its attractions, consider dropping by if you are traveling with children.


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