Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling Abroad

Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling Abroad

Staying healthy while traveling abroad is very important but is commonly overlooked. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of the trip that health is not the main focus. Although this is common, taking measures to stay healthy should be part of the trip planning process. It is important to build your defense up like in Clash Royale. There are so many measures that can be taken to ensure that you remain in good health and enjoy your trip. The only problem is, many do not know how. Here are some tips for staying healthy while traveling abroad.


Get Recommended Vaccinations

Two months before your departure schedule an appointment with a doctor that has experience in travel health. During your appointment ask them about vaccinations and medications that they would recommend for traveling to your particular destination.


Purchase Travel Insurance

Everyone traveling abroad should purchase travel insurance. It serves as a safety net just in case illness or injury should occur. In order to select the right coverage, consider what activities you plan to take part in during your travels as well as where you are traveling to.


Pack Basic Medical Supplies

Depending on your destination, basic medical supplies such as bandages or headache medication may be challenging to find. Bring these items along as well as a full supply of prescription medications if needed. Simply pack them in your carry on luggage.


Bring Emergency Contact Information

Keep emergency contact information on hand as well as copies of shot records. When gathering this information make sure that none of the documentation you bring contains any of your insurance or government-issued identification numbers, like your Social Security number.


Eat Safe Foods

A very useful tip for staying healthy while traveling abroad is to be careful what you eat. You should only consume safe foods. Safe foods include fully cooked foods, fruits with thick covering in which you peel yourself, and dairy products from commercial dairies. Foods and beverages to avoid include salad, foods left unrefrigerated, tap water and foods possibly rinsed with tap water.


Stay Connected

When abroad it is important to stay connected by keeping up with the local and regional news. This can help to prevent exposure to public and environmental health risks.


Be Wary of Illnesses

There are several illnesses to be wary of while traveling abroad. Of course, it depends on your destination but these illnesses can range from respiratory diseases such as influenza and tuberculosis to schistosomiasis which is caused by swimming in parasite-infested freshwater. Educate yourself on the common illnesses that present a risk and take the steps required to protect yourself.


Overall, staying safe while traveling abroad is simple but does require some planning. To start, get recommended vaccinations two months prior to leaving for your trip and purchase travel insurance. In addition, be sure to pack basic medical supplies and emergency contact information and records. During your trip abroad always eat safe foods, stay connected and take precautions to prevent illnesses. With these easy-to-follow tips, you can enjoy your travels and remain in good health.