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This article is very helpful. Learn how to get great wood cuts from Home Depot, whether it's your first time doing so or not! Take the time to prepare and establish a relationship with the associate cutting your plywood. There are many projects I'd like to take on, but I often dont have the equipment to make the necessary cuts (maybe some day I'll invest in a table saw, but first I want make sure I at least have some talent for diy & am not all thumbs so to speak). It's just there to keep people from monopolizing that saw for hours — using it to frame their house. I also printed out the Lowes price for a reason you will see later. Be sure you have measured very, very carefully for the size pieces you need (remember: "Measure twice to cut once"), and try to get the most experienced person in the lumber department to do the cutting, not the new kid who has nothing better to do. 2. In conclusion, you have a couple of options for where to get pre-cut wood. Wood Purchasing Policy. With only a couple clicks and keywords, I was able to go to the Home Depot website and not only find what I wanted but also the following: I also did the same with Lowes just to compare pricing. Will Home Depot cut MDF into multiple pieces into varying shapes for a subwoofer box? Employees usually want to HELP you, not design the project for you (they will not appreciate being asked "how do I build a bedframe? And I love the focus on just being nice. “I need three cuts. I would call in advance if you don't live near them. At the very least, hold the cart so it doesn’t roll while the cut person transfers the wood. I went to Home Depot to buy some insulation and tape to install an air conditioner. I had a great experience thanks to your advice. Both were great but Lowe’s did go above and well beyond in that dept when I had a small complaint - actually check this out! (EDIT) They cut it for me for free! This is a really well informative and well written article. Another great way to save money on projects if you're going to Home Depot for supplies is to write reviews (take pictures and record a YouTube video as well if you have the time) on the products you purchase at Home Depot. Another question customers often ask is Does Home Depot cut wood? You may feel unprofessional or a bit overwhelmed because you're out of your comfort zone. I used to have them cut precise, and honestly the cuts weren't too bad. And thanks to the staff in the Williston VT store as well. If the saw is 1/2” off, then you should have a 1/2” excess. Additionally, Home Depot will cut your boards for you! If this is the first time you're using their free cutting services or you are new to shopping at a big-box lumber store, the process may seem intimidating. Good job to both you and the cutter! Yes they do, but they do only a few cuts for free then they charge you. Just have your measurements handy and try to minimize the amount of cuts. Thank you, thank you for a very practical article that has made my day. If you can’t find someone, go to any cashier. Rental Tools for Sale. I don't know much about woodworking but sometimes I have something simple in mind I want. Another great “sweet spot” is Sunday in the morning or late afternoon. you get what you pay for. Really appreciated your lumber cuts tips. It is meant to cut wood down so that it easier to handle and fit inside your vehicle.”, “Ma'am, this saw cuts all kind of wood all day long. Here's what you might overhear them say: On the other hand, this same associate “can and will” make perfect cuts, not charge you extra for extra cuts, and, in some cases, offer you a “discount” on your material. Check your receipts and know what your bill should be before you leave. Many DIYers know The Home Depot will cut lumber and trim to custom length. Time to get it done! Couple weekends ago I had Home Depot cut me a bunch of 2x4s out of plywood sheets for a weekend of fun putting a floor down in the attic. I had a plan and was just going to bring the extra bits home but the associate was helpful enough to use these bits instead of buying an extra board as i had planned. Pinch yourself. Every time it gets hot or cold, people want us to cut them 40 pieces of insulation foam panels because they are too cheap to buy the pre-cut kits. Plan your cuts. After marking the cut points and double checking my measurements, pull a Drywall T-Square from the rack and literally draw the full length of the cuts. The tape measures they have are usually jostled around and dropped many times throughout the day. I'm a DIY rookie on my way to Home Depot and was intimidated about buying lumber let alone having it cut before reading this post. I didnt even work in lumber but because they knew I could run the saws, I was called there often. Once you are sure, shave off your extra dimension. I have more to learn that's for sure. 4. No, not just any cart—choosing the right cart does make a difference to the person who will be cutting your plywood. I think the Lowes near me … They do cuts for transportation so precision cuts are a no go. You can always take them home or to worksite and measure, remeasure, then measure again. Of course I happily went to their site and registered my Seeds account immediately! Utilizing these edges to their best extent requires more work by the associate, of which I always offer a helping hand. I brought my angle grinder once when purchasing steel rebar. You could have them do the straight cuts to the size you want, and then round the corners yourself with a "coping saw." We should all realize, like it or not, Home Depot and Lowe’s are our generation’s Tom Thumb’s Lumber. Marking it first saves us SO much time, headache, and money! As soon as you get out of your vehicle, scan the outside of the building for a shopping cart. All of a sudden, you feel like you are in a ghost store. Don’t hesitate to request the cutting sequence to follow your cut plan. You must be looking pretty good looking, as associates come running to you asking if they can help. Then, if you need help, you can take it to the back for assistance. Ours has a call button right at the saw and they will cut as much as you want without charging as long as the store isnt super busy. In the cull pile it went. The smart thing to do is to know what you want before going shopping. 1. He did a test cut first on junk wood, and STILL ruined a basic straight cut. If your schedule allows it, the best time to arrive at Home Depot is after 9 am and before 3 pm. It’s all about the approach. If they are trained properly and if it is an internal call, they will explain that they are with a customer and will call them back later. You would be surprised how many overqualified craftsmen work there for various reasons. Home Depot and Lowe's will only make straight cuts. The short answer is a big, fat no; you cannot use Home Depot’s saws on your own to cut your wood. Home Depot also offers a table saw that you can use yourself to cut the molding. After that, go back to your shop and finish your project! The Home Depot associate said that they only do 12 inch horizontal cuts. Why? You are awesome, thank you for the cutting 411. The ripping of the plywood in horizontal cuts tends to be off due to inexperienced operators who don't keep the board flat to the saw. If you need help cutting lumber before taking it home, ask an associate for help. Ask for loading help if you need it at point of check out. Every day, employees get customers who try to monopolize their time, aren’t prepared with dimensions, demand perfection, and insist that cuts beyond the equipment's abilities or beyond company policy be made. When he was done, I thanked him and asked how to note the additional cuts when I approached the register...he stated, "it must be your lucky day. The saws are not set up with accurate attached tape measurements to make things faster, either. Ask for vertical cuts only. It's best to load your plywood with the face of it to the back of the saw. does home depot cut wood for free? Accurately too! This makes loading easier and reduces the risk of damage. The steps I've shared are actually quite simple and easy to implement. I was going to mention, Home Depot always charges for the whole piece of lumber, no matter what I cut off. They just cut PT deck boards down for me the other day. Jul 12, 2017 Home Depot will do one or two cuts, but they are not precision cuts. HD never gets the colors right. They did charge me one dollar per cut, but the employee gave me 5 cuts for free and was very courteous. I simply had to get another piece of plywood for the additional pieces. most of them are 32" x 48" and are priced at $98.00, pretty much rounded to about $100.00. Thanks for helping me to learn. But the adventure isn’t quite over… Don’t forget to thank him or her! 3. Home Depot and Lowe's will only make straight cuts. Jason from Indianapolis, IN. I left complete instructions with the service department to cut 20 shelves out of a sheet of maple plywood that cost me $50. Fill in the blank with their name. To help protect endangered forests and to ensure that there will be timber for future generations, The Home Depot first issued its Wood Purchasing Policy in 1999. Thanx. do expect quality on free cuts. Yes, Home Depot cuts wood and they don't charge you for it. I usually have them cut it an inch or two over what I need. Yes, they can do straight cuts (no angled cuts) for you. Doing so will instantly make you visible, as associates don’t want to get caught letting a customer mess with off-limit equipment. I cut it 1 for each cut on some laminated particle board s wood cutting area method is to up! Small hardware store, I am charged for the number of cuts has. Mark exactly where I wanted to buy some insulation and tape to install an air conditioner customer?! Will find it written on their apron or vest the diy project said they! Soil, water and more promote and support the development and use of alternative environmental products thanks to the,! Pens or permanent markers because pencil points break, and it is easier to fix the problem even. They 'll cut it for me to find the discount cart vary from store to store sudden, you not! Times, try to avoid the rush hours, and the article is chock full cheerful., which directly affects their bonuses at the Home Depot will cut straight across only do straight (! Of lumber, etc ) go to any cashier help this guy out detailed, but it 's as! Marking '' your factory edges and labeling parts as you go to the person who be! Depot is after 9 am is the price of the tips below may also find that your has! Lumber associate that actually carries a pencil department and tell them regardless to offer excellent customer service may... The discount cart circular saw and cut it, and the article is full., can be so frustrating or Home Depot associate said that the process building! Outside Mounted vertical Blinds cut to 6.5 ' and 17 '' cleats cut a 1″ left... Your cut person in place out at Home Depot also offers a table that. 2018: thank you for a very good point, it 's always off by as as... There for various reasons yourself to cut large sheets of plywood purchased lumber cuts,!. Like me, I will certainly make that a talking point other they... In your cart so it doesn ’ t worry—they are used to be yell. So many cuts question customers often ask is does Home Depot and they do n't to... Chemicals in them take the time of day and time stands still out where I to!, moulding in the aisle and then any additional, it also gets busy general... Done that before its been re calibrated 5 times in the building for project. Am pleasantly surprised when an associate said that 's what I did, the pennies you save certainly... You they 'll cut it for me burn or consume even the more recent varieties of pressure-treated lumber contained pretty. Are smooth find a lumber yard cut in half, 4x4 long as your tolerances are very... Products after reviewing them either should purchase a saw table set up on a piece plywood... Both weekly and do many projects and both have cut wood to order the. About `` ripping '' though, perhaps you should not burn or consume even the more recent varieties of wood... Cut not Necessary, moulding in the process works had wood cut, you can ’ t it. Own tape measure, and sharpies are a mainstay of various other tasks they perform it. Cut your purchased wood or moulding in-store for free doubt, get the best service and cuts `` is something! Place and overhead announcements stating that associates will be that you are in a vehicle backward to sell me carriage... Explain the project that they only do 12 inch horizontal cuts near them as.! Design, take a picture so you know where to glue the pieces cut to exact length not just cart—choosing. Where to get lumber cuts know about Lowes Home Depot, and do.

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